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TSA Rules Recap: Air Travel with Firearms

Air Travel with Firearms: Shaffer Security Group (SSG) keeping you informed.  Provided below is the latest information, rules and regulations on the TSA’s requirements to fly with a firearm in your checked luggage.  The information provided will help make it easier for both you and the ticket agent behind the counter. Good Luck! Contact […]

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How to Prevent Violence in the Workplace

How to Prevent Workplace Violence Shaffer Security Group (SSG) has helped dozens of Fortune 100’s to develop a “Strategic Security Plan” to help identify & prevent workplace violence. The below article copied from the National Law Review perfectly sums up what SSG teaches in our Security Awareness & Protection Course for Businesses. Please take the […]

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SSG Founder on NBC Dallas SHAFFER SECURITY GROUP (SSG) founder Greg Shaffer comments on the Presidents options for Director of the FBI. Shaffer Security Group (SSG) was asked to comment on the Trump Administration’s short list for the new Director of the FBI.  Click on the link below to see the interview.  

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Special Event Security Planning – 2017 Earth Day Texas

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Special Event Security Planning & Executive Protection are just two of the many Security Programs offered by SHAFFER SECURITY GROUP (SSG).  Shaffer Security Group was proud to be invited back for the second year to help in the design of the security plans for the world’s largest Earth Day celebration – Earth Day Texas (EDTx 2017). […]

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Active Shooter in Dallas!

SSG on NBC discussing the most recent Active Shooter Event in Dallas. SHAFFER SECURITY GROUP (SSG) founder Greg Shaffer ‘Live’ commentary on a Dallas “Active Shooter Event”. Shaffer Security Group (SSG) Founder Greg Shaffer commenting on the most recent Active Shooter Event in Dallas, Texas.  During the interview, it was learned the shooter had taken […]

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SITUATIONAL AWARENESS One of the most often overlooked, yet critical aspects of Personal Security is, Situational Awareness: “Check Your Six”, “Head on a Swivel”, “Be aware of your surroundings”.  You have probably heard all of these before, but what do they mean? As the names implies, “Situational Awareness” is simply knowing what’s going on around […]

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Knife Fighting – a lost art form.

KNIFE FIGHTING – A Lost Skill-Set Shaffer Security Group Welcomes JOHN HOOPER to our Training Team: John Hooper is an ‘expert’ knife fighter and Empty Hand Combative Instructor. Shaffer Security Group (SSG) has invited John to be a part of our “Training Cadre” for both our Military/Police and Civilian Tactical Courses.  John is an outstanding […]