Police tactical training photos from the Shaffer Security Group SSG Consulting and Risk Management

Welcome to Shaffer Security Group’s International and Domestic Police tactical training photos page.

Greg and his team have traveled the globe training International Police, SWAT teams and Counter Terrorism Teams to respond to security threats of all kinds.
SSG has trained many international and domestic SWAT and Counter Terrorism Tactical Teams. His Team provides their clients with the finest tactical firearms training.  In this gallery owner Greg Shaffer gives a behind the scene glimpse into the world of Police and SWAT training. Get an inside view into the Shaffer Security Group of Dallas Texas.
Combat Training Video


The Team

The SSG team is comprised of former Tier One operators from the nation’s top Counter Terrorism Teams (1st SFOD-D and FBI’s HRT. They are ready to instruct you or your team in Small Unit Tactics, Close Quarter Battle, Advanced Firearms Skills, Driving Skills, and Dignitary Protection.  Now you can see them in action behind the scenes when you view our tactical training photos.

Tactical training photos of our instructors

Our instructors are some of the best in the world and have trained our global partners in law enforcement, military and intelligence agencies.  SSG instructors have been in numerous armed encounters and will bring you real-life experiences and expertise, where failure is not an option.  SSG will design a course for any individual or team’s needs regardless of their experience or mission.


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