SSG can work with your managers to assess the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities of your firm or company to develop a strategic security plan to secure your assets, property and people.  We also provide security intelligence services to multinational organizations to mitigate risks as it relates to the physical environment, to the human element and to the role of technology.  Our Crisis Management experts are on-call to address your firms security needs anywhere in the world.  We also provide international travel security awareness training and a written security assessment using our international liaison partners in both Law Enforcement and the Intelligence arena to gather intelligence on current and emerging threats prior to travel.



SSG can design and manage security plans for your small or large-scale, public or private, Special Event. We will coordinate and liaise with local and state police, private security firms, event planners, vendors, caterers, staff and employees to ensure your event is properly secured with the appropriate manpower and provide you with a detailed security plan. Our expertise and experience in designing, implementing, and managing security for high-profile events is unmatched. SSG has designed security plans for the Federal Government for NFL Super Bowls, NBA All-Star Games, NASCAR, PGA, NCAA and other events.

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SSG can provide your firm with Active Shooter Response training and prepare your staff to mentally and physically respond to worst case scenarios. SSG has conducted Active Shooter Response training to both Police and Civilian personnel. We are Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Certified Instructors and have conducted training for schools, law firms, theaters, churches and businesses. SSG will work with C-level executives, legal, human resources and your security departments to ensure you have an Active Shooter Response Plan which protects your firm and your employees both physically and legally.  Utilizing our 178-acres Firearms Training Facility and our ‘Simunition’ license, we can also provide realistic, force-on-force, scenario-based training at our Texas facility or at your business/firm.

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SSG has decades of International & Domestic Investigations experience. Founder, Greg Shaffer, spent twenty years as a FBI agent, many of those years spent overseas conducting both tactical operations and investigations across the globe. SSG maintains both law enforcement and intelligence agency contacts in the Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia and Central & South America.  Our contacts with other International Private Security Firms, Law Enforcement agencies and Intelligence Agencies allows us to provide up-to-date, real-time intelligence on the current threat as well as provide security coverage, protection, advice and counsel for our clients as they travel or conduct business overseas.  SSG maintains particularly close coordination with firms in the United Kingdom; Hungary; Germany; Australia and Brazil.



SSG conducts Executive Protection / Dignitary Protection Services & Training.  All SSG personnel are licensed in Dignitary Protection / Executive Protection and have vast experience both domestically and abroad, to include protection operations in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central America, Europe and Africa. SSG has trained numerous international security details responsible for the protection of their Head-of-State. SSG has provided security for senior members of the U.S. government, corporate executives and public figures. We pride ourselves on our discretion and professionalism.  With SSG’s experience and U.S. Secret Service certifications, we can conduct PSD training and assess the capabilities of your current Executive Protection Detail.



SSG has without a doubt some of the finest Tactical and Firearms Training Personnel in the industry. SSG has partnered with the CONSOLIDATED TRAINING GROUP and has recently purchased & renovated a 178 acres ‘Firearms Training Center’ only minutes west of the DFW International Airport.  Our ranges and equipment, not available to most security firms, provides SSG with the ability to train you, your Team, police, SWAT or family members in a safe, secure, private environment. Our firm also is licensed by ‘Simunition’ which allows us to conduct “Force-on-Force” training using ‘non-lethal’ marking rounds which allows for real-world, scenario-based training.  SSG has provided tactical firearms courses for the beginner to the SWAT Operator. Our instructors have all been in combat and in multiple gun-fights and have attended the finest training and schools available. SSG tactical instructors come from the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Command Team, the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) and from the finest police departments in the land.  All of our courses are TCOLE Certified.

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