JANUARY 2017 Tactical Training Course Schedule

Please find a listing of our January 2017 Training Courses.

7 JANUARY:  “Women’s Personal Defense Course” – Private Group

This Course is FILLED.  This is a Private Personal Defense Course held in the privacy of your home.  This course concentrates on Situational Awareness; Awareness Detractors; Response to Active Shooter Events; Self Defense; Basic Skills to Survive a Violent Assault; Survival Mindset.

8 JANUARY:  “Shooter Development Course” – Open to Public

This is a ‘marksmanship’ course!  This course is designed to teach you the finer skills of handgun shooting.  We will review the fundamentals and continue with more advance shooting skills such as ‘multiple targets’ and ‘close-in shooting’ techniques.  BEGINNERS WELCOME!!!! 

This is both a “How to Shoot” and a “Handgun Development Course” where you will increase both Speed & Accuracy with individual instruction.

A “License to Carry” (formerly known as a Concealed Handgun License – CHL) is NOT / NOT required for this training.  However, the course is designed for those who do not have a lot of handgun experience or have just received their License to Carry authority.

14 JANUARY:  “Tactical Handgun Course” – Open to Public

Our most popular course.  This is NOT a ‘marksmanship’ course!  This course is designed to teach you how to survive an ‘armed encounter’.  This is a “Handgun Fighting Course” where you will be taught how to use your handgun as a Combative Tool.  This is an “Advanced Shooters Course” and is NOT recommended for Novice Shooters.

15 JANUARY:  “For Women Only – Handgun Course” – Open to Public

We understand women need time away from their man!  We understand the husband, boyfriend or local cop is not the best choice when wanting to learn how to shoot!

This course will teach the ladies how to carry their weapon and how to use their weapon quickly, accurately and justifiably.  This course is perfect for those newly licensed to carry a concealed weapon!

This is NOT a License to Carry (LTC) Course! Nor is a LTC required.

What to Expect?  5-hours of the finest handgun training in the world, Situational Awareness Training, Increased Comfort with your Weapon, How to Carry Concealed as a Woman, Malfunction Drills – What to do when the gun doesn’t go ‘bang’, Loading / Reloading Drills, Quick Draw Techniques, Multiple Shots on Multiple Targets, Steel & Paper Targets, Develop Speed & Accuracy, Competition, Lots of Fun, Lots of Shooting – Safety First!

28 JANUARY:  “Scenario Based Training – Shoot, or Don’t Shoot?” – Open to Public

This course is perfect for novice shooters and will teach you how to ‘REACT & SURVIVE’ an armed encounter!  The course is designed for new shooters who have never been faced with ‘life or death’, ‘shoot or don’t shoot’ situations.  This course is perfect for those newly licensed to carry a concealed weapon!  There will be NO live-fire during this course!  This is a scenario-based course utilizing state of the art “Simunition” weapon system.

Our scenario-based training using non-lethal weapons system allows our professional, licensed, insured trainers to put you in stressful situations (scenarios) where you must decide… Shoot, of Don’t Shoot !?!

This course will utilize only “Simunition” weapons and ammunition supplied by SSG/CTG.  “Simuntion” is a ‘Non-Lethal’ system which uses actual weapons that fire a non-lethal, colorful, projectile that can be fired indoors without hearing protection.  The “Simuntion” system has revolutionized how the Military, Police & SWAT teams have trained.  This system has only recently been allowed to be used for the civilian population.  You will be some of the first to have trained with “Simunition” as a civilian. We will walk you through each exercise and insure you are comfortable and proficient with your weapon and with the “Simunition” weapon.

The “Simunition” scenarios will be “Force on Instructor” only; where you are placed in real-life situations and you must decide to “Shoot, or Don’t Shoot” in the stress-induced scenarios.  Students will be shooting the Instructor (acting as the “bad guy”) but the Instructor will NOT fire upon the student.

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