Is it safe to travel to the EU for the Holidays?

Is it Safe to Travel to Europe for the 2016 Holiday Season?

Shaffer Security Group (SSG) is please to provide an interesting article from “Forbes” magazine detailing the threats and dangers of traveling to the EU over the holidays.  

SSG teaches the best way to stay safe is to be aware of your surroundings and keep your head on a swivel.  Being Situational Aware is the best advice anyone can give as you travel to the EU or anywhere.

The SHAFFER SECURITY GROUP prides itself on maintaining close liaison with other security firms, police departments and intelligence agencies across the globe. These relationship allow us to provide you up-to-date, real-time threat assessments and risk analysis for your destination.  Our ties to many reputable, vetted and experienced security firms in the EU allows us to provide you a point of contact in the event you need immediate security assistance.  We can help you book a driver who is knowledgeable of the area, but also has specialized training to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe journey.  SSG’s many contacts with various EU police departments and with the FBI Attaches in U.S. Embassies can also be leveraged in the event of a critical situation.

Let us develop a travel security plan for you and your family as you travel this holiday season.  We can provide you professional drivers, security professionals, and keep you abreast of any threats during your travel.  Contact SSG for details.

How Not to be a Victim


How Not to be a Victim:


Serial killer Ted Bundy once stated that “he could tell a victim by the way she walked down the street, the tilt of her head, the manner in which she carried herself, etc . . .” (Serial Murder, Holmes & Holmes, 2009)

Multiple studies have been done on how criminals select their victims. As such we have an accurate picture of what criminals look at in order to establish whether someone is vulnerable to victimization. Some of the most recent research on the subject confirms very startling notions.

On many occasions criminals have been asked how they choose their victims or why they fought back with a police officer. A lot of the typical answers are related to matters of natural selection. They choose victims based on comparative physical stature, perceived awareness, whether or not they are alone and gender.

This study shows that the criteria is much more limited. While the aforementioned reasons apply, this new study shows that body language and walking pattern are much more important.

The basic idea of the study was to show inmates 12 videos of people walking. Those 12 people also provided testimony as to whether they were ever victimized. Accuracy was judged on whether the inmates gave those people who had actually been victimized a 6 or higher in a scale of 10 to show vulnerability.

The inmates provided reasoning behind their selections. The study showed that inmates with severe psychopathy chose victims based on gait.  Their vulnerability rating also corresponded with individuals which had been previously victimized.

What does this mean to the average person? The way you carry yourself can help single you out or rule you out for victimization.  While there is victim selection criteria like your gender or age that you cannot change, you can stack the deck in your favor.  Walking confidently and not exhibiting behaviors of distraction such as fidgeting, fumbling with your cell phone, are easy ways to help rule yourself out.

In the simplest terms, do you walk like you have the ability to defend yourself?  Do you drag your feet and act like a wounded animal, or do you walk with confidence?

This was brought to my attention at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glenco, Georgia.  We were shown countless videos of police officers falling victim to an attacker due to complacency and ultimately how they carried themselves.  While you cannot control the people around you or their depravity, you can control whether or not you carry yourself like a victim.

Source: Psychopathy and Victim Selection: The use of Gait as a Cue to Vulnerability, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Angela Book, PhD, Kimberly Costello, PhD, and Joseph A. Camilleri, PhD, 2013

Special Event Security Planning – 2016 Cattle Barons Ball, Dallas, Texas!

Special Event Security Planning & Operations

SHAFFER SECURITY GROUP (SSG) has extensive experience in Special Event Security planning for large or small scale, public & private events.  As a result, SSG was contracted to augment the security for the 2016 Dallas Cattle Baron’s Ball.  This years Ball is being held at GILLEY’s CLUB, located in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas Cattle Baron’s Ball- 2016:

The Cattle Baron’s Ball (CBB) is a not-for-profit, organization that has raised tens of millions of dollars for cancer research in Dallas alone! This ball is one of the most sought after tickets in DFW.  The estimated crowd of over 3,000 includes some of Dallas’ most elite, prestigious and famous citizens, athletes, politicians and socialites.

Gilley’s Club is a 91,000 square foot building consisting of a restaurant, entertainment area, meeting rooms, private function space and features a 26,000 square foot main show room.  Most famous for its “Urban Cowboy” film starring John Travolta, GILLEY’s is an ideal location for this “Boots & Pearls” crowd to get together to listen to great Country Western music stars and to mix & mingle with Dallas elite.

Gilley’s also erected a 9,000 square foot tent in the rear parking lot of Gilley’s Club which housed the main stage. This stage was the location where renowned music legend TOBY KEITH performed.

SSG was tasked to work with D&L Security (Contract Security Firm) to ensure the safety and security of its guests, the “talent”, and all the vendors who made the night such a success.  In addition, we provided VIP security; front & backstage security; security for entry into the “Green Room”; and augmented the security for both Toby Keith & Dwight Yoakam.

From Active Shooter to a Medical Emergency – SSG has you covered:

By using SSG, we provide your event with an additional “Intervention Capable Resource”.  That is, in the event a violent encounter, stalker or Active Shooter our personnel provide an immediate armed response.  Our Personal Protection Officers (PPO) are all licensed, insured, polite, professional and capable!  All of our PPOs have vast combat and/or police experience.  We are not the bearded, bro-bumping, tattooed, wannabee’s, wearing the most up-to-date combat styles.  We are polite, polished, professionals that blend into the environment, often unseen, until the moment we are needed.

SSG can assist in developing both a “Medical Plan” and an “Active Shooter Plan” to provide your event protection from civil suits in the event of an Active Shooter or Medical Emergency.  SSG’s “Risk Assessment” is essential to ensure best practices are in-place in order to provide a safer, more enjoyable environment during your event and protect you from litigation if needed.

Unsurpassed Experience & Professionalism:

So when experience counts & discretion is needed, contact SSG for a free security assessment for your next event.

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Terrorist are using Drug Smugglers to Enter the U.S.

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Officials Warn Sunni Extremist infiltrating US with help from Drug Smugglers

Sunni extremist are infiltrating the United States with the help of alien smugglers in South America and are crossing U.S. bordrs with ease, according to a U.S. Southern Command Intelligence Report.

“In 2015, we saw a total of 331,000 illegal aliens enter the Southwestern border between the US and Mexico, of that we estimate more than 30,000 of those were from countries of terrorist concern.”

This one article alone should be enough for our citizens to rise up and demand tighter immigration enforcement (we don’t need tighter laws, they’re already in place, we just need an Administration willing to enforce the current laws). Which leads me to another ‘hot topic’ for me,… since when does the government get to tell our law enforcement officers which laws to enforce and which laws to ignore?  They don’t have that right! If the government does not want to enforce a particular law, then have the law changed through Congress.

This one article should be enough for our citizens to demand that a wall is built! Whether it is a 30 foot concrete wall or a virtual wall – I don’t care.  What I do care about is a Nation that does not control its borders is a Nation doomed.  Now don’t even talk to me about ‘we are a nation of immigrants,… blah, blah, blah.’ Those immigrants came here LEGALLY and acclimated and learned our culture, our language, embraced our way of life and were proud to become Americans!  Today’s ILLEGAL immigrants want nothing more than a handout, government assistance and have our government and our citizens acclimate and adapt to their culture.

We are the only civilized Country on earth that does not enforce immigration laws and allows the overstays to remain in-country without fear of retribution.  Enforce our laws!  Stop immigration from Countries known to be filled with terrorists!  Protect our Southern Border.  Do the Right Thing and the Common Sense Thing, before we lose our culture and the American way of life. God bless our Leaders and God bless the USA.


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