We protect our clients

from potential threats that could harm their business, enterprises, brand, and staff members.

Global Security Specialists

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas

The Shaffer Security Group leads the way in Security Consulting and Risk Assessment services for organizations throughout the United States and abroad.

Our team of experts protects our clients from potential threats that could harm their business, enterprises, interests, and staff members.

From special event security planning where we create strategic security plans that have ensured the safety of over 100,000 civilians and staff members, to situational awareness training for personnel to proactively think about security threats and risks and how to properly respond to an active threat.

Our goal is to help our clients create a unique strategic security plan and solution that will span their entire operation.

Executive Protection + Risk Management

We manage and mitigate risk factors by utilizing comprehensive security strategies that offer the flexibility to advance our clients’ lifestyle, privacy, and convenience.

Our Security

The Shaffer Security Group was created for the protection and security of our clients’ assets and interests. To train and educate employees, staff members, and the general public that Survival is not a Skill Set, it is a Mindset!

There is no suitable word for what we do. Traditional security does not fit; our team is composed of FBI Hostage Rescue Team Operators, Law Enforcement Officers, Intelligence Officers, and Special Military Operation Officers. Security response services does not seem proactive enough. Our job is to prevent incidents from happening; responding to a threat after the fact means there was a weakness in the security planning. We see ourselves as security planners, not as a security guard company.