Threat Assessment & Analysis of Vulnerabilities

How the Las Vegas Sniper Attack / Active Shooter Event has shaped Special Event Security Planning.

The Las Vegas Active Shooter Event represents just one of many potential threat scenarios.  The problem is, all scenarios need to be considered when planning for Special Event Security.  While it exemplifies a growing threat, the circumstances surrounding the Route 91 concert were unique.  Special Event Security professionals will definitely have to shift in how they plan for such possibilities.

In fact, most open-air event sites are not in areas subject to this same type of sniper threat. Before focusing on the unique risk that the Vegas attack revealed, it is crucial to maintain the fundamentals of layered security for Special Events. Venues should take this opportunity to assess the primary areas of vulnerability.  The focus needs to be on the reasonable steps necessary to reduce these risks. Where is an attack more likely to occur? What is the most likely method of attack? How can we best detect, disrupt and deter a potential attack?

Bottom line, as Security Professionals we need to remember a good threat analysis & assessment is essential to determine where Security Managers should focus. As horrific as Las Vegas was, let it not make us forget the accurate security picture & true vulnerabilities.

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